[F] CTRL-ALT-DEL removes selected files from track list

Florian, could I make a call for an overhaul of the file removal/deletion command method? The existing design's implementation has been dangerously bugged for quite a few versions now. I think it is just too risky. Could we instead simply have separate Remove and Delete commands, with no CTRL-chording funny business?

Remove and Delete are now separated into two different commands with the current Development Build.

Thanks. That's good. How nice to be released frem that nagging worry...!

By the way, the two Delete forms are covevred in C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\help\main_keyboard.html but it would be good to add Remove too.

And putting Delete and Remove also on the Edit menu would mean more poeple would find them. Many non-technical users are unaware of right-click menus.

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