[F] CTRL-Delete unreliability


If I select say 30 files and do CTRL-Delete, Mp3tag does a straight Delete i.e. deletes from the list.
Rather than do the expected disc delete that shows the 'Confirm Multiple File Delete' dialog.

On say 3 files, it works fine.

Anyone else get this?

EDIT: Actually is sometimes fails in even one file - try starting at the top of the list, selecting one file and hitting CTRL-Del, then repeat. Here, about 1 in 10 fails, apparently at random.


I can't reproduce it here, but I did a slight change for the next release which might fix the issue.


Ok, thanks - I'll try it.


This should be fixed with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.41a.

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Not confirmed. The problem is still present on e.g. 100 files.

And furtehrmore undoing the unwanted Remove sometimes fails - Mp3tag says 'unable to remove files'.