[F] Customize Columns = Loss Of Scolling Ability



I just noticed this one. I went in to add a new column, after doing so and selecting "OK" to apply the changes, the scroll bar on the bottom (indicating the ability to scroll left and right) disappears. Even on a small amount of files where you would normally be able to highlight a track and then use the scroll wheel on your mouse to move left and right is a bust after editing the columns.

You don't even have to add a column for this problem to present itself. You can remove a column, hide a column, un-hide a column... even simply enter the settings window and select "OK" without making a single change, all will trigger the lose of scroll ability.

Only way I've found to get the functionality back is to Refresh (F5), Change/Add a Directory or restart the program. It's annoying, though manageable when messing with a small amount of files, though if you're working on a large directory and trigger this, it can be a real pain.

Vista BTW, any other details needed, lemme know.


This was already reported on the German forums. :slight_smile:



Sorry, I don't know German.


This is now fixed in the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.41a.

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