[F] Discogs fetch for artist adds comma to name field

I've just tagged my first album using the 2.82 release and see that the bug detailed in this field is still there.

I realized it wasn't listed here in the bug reports forum.

Added comma in artist filed from discogs

I still think that discussions about the advantages and shortcomings of web source scripts should be held in the corresponding web sources forum.
There are at least 2 discogs web source scripts so it is a little guess work which one you could mean.
Web sources scripts are not updated automatically: so did you implement the fix that was mentioned in the thread that you referenced?

No I didn't try it.

The discogs feature I'm trying to use is the ONE shipped with MP3TAG. I've been a user for so long, that I wasn't sure if I'd installed a plugin to get discogs functionality, so I did an install on a different machine. I had not, the discogs I'm trying to use is shipped embedded in MP3TAG.

So it seemed reasonable to report here, so it could be fixed at source. Sorry if I wasn't clear originally.

Just to make sure, that you apply the last version of the Mp3tag standard script "discogs.src":
Mp3tag version: 2.82a, script size: 4193 Byte.
Inner change log entry: # [2016-01-31] v1.03

Within this export script there is a code line ...

json_select_many "artists" "name" ", "

and a following block of related commands ...
which in my opinion, can handle trailing ", ".

You should check your Mp3tag installation, working with the newest version of the source script "discogs.src".


Thanks for taking the time and for bringing this to my attention. I'll fix it with the next release.

Kind regards
– Florian

This is now fixed with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.82b.

Kind regards
– Florian

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