[F] Displays MPEG1-L3 as L1 if Emphasis set to other than None

Is it possible that there is a bug in the MPEG Decoder?

I noticed recently, that Mp3tag usually shows MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio files erroneously as "MPEG 1 Layer I" if the "Emphasis" bits are set to anything other then "None" (i.e. "50/15", "CCITJ.17" or "Unknown"). In this case, playing length, bitrate and stereo mode are usually also shown wrongly.

I could "repair" a set of these files using MP3SE by stating that "Emphasis" was "None" (well, it wasn't, actually... but for test's sake, it's just 2 bits) - all info came suddenly up correctly!

Interestingly enough, most players would decode the MP3 correctly as "MPEG-1 Layer 3", some stating a wrong "Emphasis" (i.e. Winamp 2.78c would swear it was "illegal"). So I assume this might be a bug in the underlying MP3 decoding library - could this be fixed for Mp3tag?

Can you please send me one of the files for analysing the issue?

Email has been sent to support, contains same file "ok" and "corrupt".

Thanks for the files. The issue will be fixed with the next release.

Thanks for reporting!


Yes, fixed :slight_smile: Thanks!

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