[F] Don't Found Info in FreeDB

My name is Alberto, I'm born and living in Argentina.
Florian, congratulation! Your program is the excellent.
My problem is the follow...
Have a CD, select all mp3's, connect to FreeDB for download tag's info.
The answer of FreeDB (and mp3tag) is "No se encontró ningún registro para la identificación de FreeDB blablabla" (No registration for the identification was found in FreeDB).
Then, I work with "Search Web Mode"... I control song to song, and... all songs is perfect. I don't understand what happen.
But, one second before of suicide... :huh: to my head arrives one idea, I delete the previous tag info, then connect to FreeDB for download tag's info and... YES, the info is found!!! the previous info, is made with mp3tag.
What happen? Thanks Florian for the your program and you help. :slight_smile:

Have you used the (possible wrong) information stored in the tag for searching via the web based search option?

Another possibility is that the search failed because of your search phrase was too specific (or only the title field was checked).

Btw, did you add the [C] to the topics title by yourself, or was this added by one of the moderators. I'm asking, because I would consider this as "No Bug".

Best regards,
~ Florian

Wasn't me. :smiley:

I don't understand (maybe for the language)...

Have you used the (possible wrong) information stored in the tag for searching via the
web based search option?
I take a album, tagged for another friend, (with mp3tag 2.32), but the "look style" not is right for me, My work is "re-tagged" the album.
I search with the option Search for the Select Files and... the only answer is...
"Not Found" (In Spanish).
Then, I deleted ALL the info of previous tag info... I used again the same option for FreeDB, and... NOW YES, now the album is found.
The tag info stored previously, is able to failed the consult to FreeDB ?
If it don't is a bug... sorry :frowning: but, don't look as normal problem.

I am going to add more data on the problem...

  1. I work for Select ALL files, then ask informacion to FreeDB, with the option Ask For Select Files (Averiguar de los Archivos Seleccionados).

  2. When OLD tag's information exist... the response of FreeDB is don't found data for select files

  3. I delete ALL old tag's information, then I repeat Step 1, and now YES, the album's information is found!!!

  4. To clarify more the problem, I install another program, and with the same files that Mp3tag does not find informacion in FreeDB the other program YES finds it.

I think that when old data in the tags exist, Mp3Tag sends wrong data to FreeDB, that did not pass me with old versions of the program.

I expect that now the theme have remained but clearly.

More Data:
I made backup in mp3 format of my album "Linda Ronstadt / Hummin' to Myself"

  1. I proceed to delete ALL old data tag info
  2. Select ALL files
  3. Ask for FreeDB data (with "Ask for Select Files)
  4. I have 2 data albums found!!! The two albums have the same identification ID number 8c08bd0b. (One stored in "Jazz" and the other in "Misc")
  5. I save the tag info to my files. And add a short commentary (Six Chars)
  6. I custom the field "Genre" and add with function "Actions" (Case Field, etc).
  7. Now I repeat the Steps 2 and 3.
  8. The answer is... Don't data found for FreeDB ID 80090b0b.

Sorry, but I really can't reproduce this. Is anyone other able to reproduce this?

Altobere, please try to increase the timeout value at Options, freedb, Server to 10 and try it again. Maybe this solves the issue.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hmmm, I believe that know why have the problem.
Try a system Step to Step, but with capture (snapshot), to you can reproduce the same action.

I try this, but don't obtain results. :frowning:

Important: Copy and paste Complete URL to your Internet Browser, to can view captures, I don't understand why a click don't work fine (server don't support redirect) :frowning:

  1. I make a backup in mp3 format of my autentic CD, Kiss - Alive III, then select all Files

  2. Try to answer to FreeDB, to obtain data, with the option "Search for Select Files

  3. The album is found!!!

  4. In the snapshot, lenghts almost equals.

  5. Select all files again.

  6. Try to answer to FreeDB, to obtain data, with the option "Search for Select Files

  7. The album is found

  8. Now I custom the case letters of titles. (Options - "Alberto")

  9. Try to answer to FreeDB, to obtain data, with the option "Search for Select Files and the album is found.

  10. Now, select all files again. And custom Genre, Before: Hard Rock
    After my custom: Rock & Roll

  11. Select all files again.

  12. The album is NOT found. (Look as change the number of Album ID. :frowning:

It is so hard to believe, but apparently, to fill the field "Genre" is where is produced the problem.

Sorry for by this so long, the idea is to help.

With the captures, copy and paste one (the first) to Internet Browser, after, only change the last number :slight_smile:

Yes. For example, I have a fully tagged album. I do the freedb query and the album is found. Then I alter the genre and now a wrong ID is calculated that does not exist in the database.

Thanks dano !!!!
Exact, this is my problem. I'm going me crazy to explain it.
Then, as fixed this problem ? (Answer for Florian)
Thanks Dano
Thanks Florian

I'm doing exactly this, but I'm still not able to reproduce it. dano, can you please check, if the files are damaged after changing the genre?

~ Florian

Florian have your tried it with a MP3 Album?
I now got this:
If I save the ID3v2 tags in ISO, the problem is gone, only with Unicode it exists. Maybe there is a wrong size calculation with the 2Byte size of Unicode?


Good guess! Are the MP3s tagged with APEv2 tags too? Are there any special characters in those tags?

~ Florian

No special characters and tags are ID3v1 and ID3v2, but it works with ID3v1 and APEv2

Okay thanks, I'll try to investigate further.

Best regards,
~ Florian

The bug should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Thanks dano and Alberto for pointing that out :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

It is very good to help a little bit one, with a program that gives me many satisfactions.
Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

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