[F] Error connecting to freedb-Server

I could not connect to freedb although other tag editors (eg. Mp3tag 4.0 from ManiacTools) works ok with this database.
I've got message:
Error connecting to freedb-Server: freedb.freedb.org (Random)
when option 'determine from selected files' is chosen.
The same message is displayed when I try to download 'Current list of freedb-servers via Internet' in Tools->Options->freedb->Server (I've only changed e-mail address to my current one)
Option freedb->'determine via web-search' works ok.
My computer is without any firewall on the local net with masqueradeing. I don't need to configure proxy settings in any software, but there is proxy for web content on my net.

Have you tried some other freedb servers, or only the random server?

Please try

  • us.freedb.org
  • de.freedb.org
  • or ca.freedb.org
by changing the Adress at Options, freedb, Server.

If this doesn't help, try to enter your proxy setting at Options, freedb, Proxy

Best regards,
~ Florian

It is very strange!!!!

No other address have worked. You wrote:

But I have no proxy settings to enter! I know there is proxy on my net (sometimes messages from this proxy appears in my browser eg. timeouts, connection refuse etc.) but it works automaticly (filters all connections on port 80?) and ALL my software works without ANY proxy settings.

To enter proxy settings in Mp3tag I have decided to install my own proxy server. I know it looks like it makes no sense, but when I did it and enter in 'Options, freedb, Proxy' Mp3tag connected to freedb properly!!!

Why is that?

That's indeed a little bit weird.

Can you please test the version from
link removed
without your proxy settings?

Best regards,
~ Florian

With this version everything is ok!!!
Thank you for such fast response!

I've found 2 small translation bugs in english version:

  1. in 'Adjust tag-information'->'Compilation' window there is 'Abbrechen' instead of 'Cancel'
  2. Mp3tag Quick Pick right-click menu is in german.

Nevertheless Mp3tag is undoubtedly the best tagger I've ever used. Thanx again!

Thanks for reporting and testing!

I'll release a new Development Build soon.

Best regards,
~ Florian

I have the same problem, I downloaded your latest beta with no change.
I am behind a linksys dsl router that has no port tweaks.
Thanks in advance,

Please have a look at this topic.

Best regards,
~ Florian