[F] Error message in wrong language

The following command line:

start "Mp3tag Dance" "C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:"S:\!DJ DAP\3 ZEN\Dance\" /fp:"S:\!DJ DAP\3 ZEN\Spacers\"

on the English version produces :

C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\DAP\3 enthalt eine falsche Pfadangabe.

This is something I cannot change since it comes from deep down the MFC libraries.

Could you not just compile the English app using the English libraries? That's what 99.9% of developers do, surely.

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.43b Development Build.


C:\Program Files\Mp3tag\DAP\3 contains an incorrect path.

BUT a further issue: if Mp3tag is already running, the load fails silently!

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