[F] Explorer context menu entry does not handle .lnk files properly


the latest update introduced a small buglet, which was not present before.

To reproduce:

  1. create a "symbolic link'" (.lnk file) pointing to a directory
  2. run mp3tag from the explorer context menu on the link and on the directory itself

It would be nicel, if mp3tag would "follow links" to directories (as it did before).

Thank you for your attention
(and thank you for this fine piece of software, Florian :slight_smile: )


Cannot confirm this behaviour on Win XP.
Folder link works.
File link works.



I can confirm this behaviour on Win Vista using Version 2.45b.
But it works with ink-files linking to mp3-files.
So maybe its a new bug who isn't present in 2.45a.


This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.45c.

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