[F] Export Cover Action


I have an Action called Export Cover which consist of the following 2 actions:

  • Export Cover to file "$validate(folder,_)"
  • Remove Fields "PICTURE"

Expected behavior : Export the embedded Cover Art to the same directory as where the MP3 is located and rename it to folder.jpg, and then remove the "Cover Art" from the MP3

But what happens now with 2.43b is that the Cover Art is removed from the MP3 but there is no FOLDER.JPG in the directory or anywhere else on the harddrives.



Hi Mike, despite the fact that your filename "folder" is indeed a valid filename, which needs no validating furthermore, I admit that this Export Cover action does not what one would expect.

Using the formatstring "$validate(folder,_)" I got an image file in the current folder but only with the name ".jpg".

Further testing shows that the formatstring seems to be totally needless.
The cover export action creates in all cases only the filename ".jpg".
Needs to be reviewed by Florian.


This is now fixed with the current Development Build. Thanks for reporting!


I can confirm that with 2.43c it is working again.



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