[F] Export Cover Art as Folder.jpg - doesn't seem to work


I started to import Cover Art for some WMA files from Amazon with the Tag Sources/Cover Art function a few days ago and now found out that it is supposed to be possible to export cover art as images using an action. So I created a new action "Export Album Cover", entered the format string "Folder" and... got some weird results.

For example, the name of most pics is "Folder.jpeg;charset=ISO-8859-1". Funny thing is, MP3Tag shows "/jpeg;charset=ISO-8" next to the cover art, but what does it mean and why is it appended to the file name?

A few albums show a different text next to the album art: "image/jpeg". Even for these, the export does not work as expected. The resulting image is named "folder(1).jpg". Where does the "(1)" come from?

Does anyone know how to get the cover art export to work?


Hi Ben,

it seems that another program you were using for adding the cover art wrote some additional information to the mimetype information field (which normally is only image/jpeg).

Can you please send me a file that shows this behaviour?

Kind regards,

Florian this was written by Mp3tag. I've experienced the same with covers from Amazon now.

Dano is absolutely right, the Cover Art was imported from Amazon (DE and COM) with MP3Tag. I sent you an example file to the contact address. Hope this'll help.

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Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this here. Do you have a search string that always shows this behaviour for you? Does this happen with the latest v2.44d?

So far, every time I tried "2, 3, 4 Höhner" with Amazon.de as source, it did the thing with the MIME type. I'm installing 2.44d right now, before, I used the latest stable version.

Yupp, same thing with 2.44d.

After trying, and trying, and trying again, I finally managed to get a "normal" Cover for "2, 3, 4" by "Die Höhner". Now the next album that doesn't work correctly is "15 Johr" by "Paveier". And no, that's not the kind of music I normally listen to.

Well, looks like I found out why even covers with a correct MIME type are exported as folder(1).jpg. A dir /a of an album folder showed me these hidden files in addition to the songs:

08.10.2009 16:43 2.082 AlbumArtSmall.jpg
08.10.2009 16:43 7.373 AlbumArt_{B44A7213-3783-41A0-9E2D-D851FF5C1479}Large.jpg
08.10.2009 16:43 2.082 AlbumArt
08.10.2009 16:43 309 desktop.ini
08.10.2009 16:43 7.373 Folder.jpg

I guess, windows somehow creates the automatically. As a Folder.jpg already exists, MP3Tag renames the exported covers to folder(1).jpg to avoid overwriting existing files.

Nuru, those are created by Windows Media Player.

Florian, I have come across this bug several times in the past few days (2.44; never had a problem with earlier versions)
The last time, it was from a jpg that I imported with Mp3tag from a file, then exported to folder.jpg
Edit: My mistake, it was imported from Amazon.com websource
I cannot consistently reproduce the problem.

Nah, I don't use WMP, Windows Explorer seems to do this too (when you use large preview icons), but I guess it somehow uses the WMP engine for this... I'm still wondering how to cope with this, cause my MP3 players won't display these Cover Art files when they are hidden/marked as system files. Plus they have been resized to a max of 200x200 px, or so it seems.

I've identified the issue and will fix it to the next release.

Thanks for reporting!

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.44e Development Build.

Thanks Florian

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