[F] Export dialog can fail to act on $filename()

There are quite a few circumstances in which the Export operation can omit to use the export filename specified in the current Export config file (by $filename()).

These are when the user opens the File | Export dialog and then before clicking OK does one of the following:

a) clicks New and enters $filename() in the config file
b) clicks Edit (or use a preexisting editor window on the current config file) and changes $filename()
c) clicks on the current config

The dialog doesn't update its "Export file name" control accordingly, so the specified filename is not used.

A workaround is to then click on another config (if one exists) and then click on the current config.

A good fix would be for the "Export file name" control to update upon (or in the case of external events, upon return to the dialog after) any of these events.

Likewise with the Tools | Options | Export dialog. Its own "Export file name" control is not updated upon the actions listed above.

The Export dialog now detects changes automatically with the current Development Build.

Confirmed, but note that if the dialog doesn't show, it gets no chance to detect any update.

Meaning in the simplest case of Edit file, then CTRL-E, the config filename is never read!

I think it's not good for a possibly long-unseen dialog to always override newer config file changes. A compromise solution is: in Options, install/selecting/editing/newing sets "Export file name" to blank. and in File | Export, blank causes the name to be read from the config. The proper solution is for Options to have '[ ] Override configuration filename with:'. When it's unchecked, the filename text control would show the config file $filename(), but be disabled, along with its Browse button.

Just my 2c! :wink:

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