[F] Exporting of settings messes unusual signs in actions

If I recall correctly [as I cannot find that topic], some time ago I bragged about the problem with some unusual signs in actions

And it seems that the issue is a little different than I reported back then. Here is what happens:

I can copy / move without a problem various files / folders that contain the █ and ◉ sign in their names in Windows 7 x64. I can do it with the OS's copy / move shell menu action or using the TeraCopy 2.27 right click menu. I can also compress them with 7-Zip 16.04 [64-bit] to the ZIP format and unpack them later from it without a sweat- noting is changed

But what happens with Mp3tag is this: I can create action that will have those signs in its name and; and I can reopen Mp3tag and still see them. But if I export them [create the ZIP with my current settings via the File > Save configuration], they will be messed up. The ZIP file created by Mp3tag will change █ to - and the ◉ sign into ?
[And what happens next is that 7-Zip will unpack such action with another change, replacing the ? with _which is of course a way of dealing with the illegal character]

So why does Mp3tag replaces those signs when creating a ZIP file, while Windows 7 and 7-Zip and TeraCopy behavior clearly prove that they can be retained?

And if can be of any help: I have also noticed that my graphics files browser ACDSee 3.1 [from the year 2000] also shows █ as - and ◉ as ?
And here is what happens: if I press CTRL + C on such unusual named file in this ACDSee and try to CTRL + V it in some other location, while still being in ACDSee, I will get and error saying about syntax being incorrect. And if I try to CTRL + V the same file to another location, but this time in FreeCommander XE 2016 716 32-bit or ordinary Windows Explorer, I will get nothing done - the request for pasting is ignored, [although I see something brief. probably automatic refreshing being performed]. And if in ACDSee I select such file and try to copy it not with keyboard shortcuts but by dragging it and choosing action from the shell menu list [that of Windows shell or that from TeraCopy menu], the file temporarily disappears [until I refresh folder containing that file]

So it seems that Mp3tag released first in 1999, has a similar problem as the outdated version of ACDSee from 2000; but only in regards to zipping

The current development build Mp3tag v2.81c fixes this issue by implementing UTF-8 character encoding for file names as described in the .ZIP File Format Specification version 6.3.0 Section J and APPENDIX D.

Kind regards
– Florian

I confirm, with version 2.83

Thank you for that update

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