[F] File delete from filter results corrupt filter results

This is a bug that was introduced in v2.45a (it was not in any previous version I've used 2.44*).

To reproduce:

  1. Load a largish list of songs (I'm doing it with 6000, but a few dozen would likely work too).
  2. Enable the filter field (F3).
  3. Type a filter that reduces the list of songs down to about 10 (the exact number doesn't seem to matter, but it can't be too small ... I can't seem to reproduce this below about 4).
  4. Select 2 or more of the songs (not the first, not the last).

After the songs have been deleted, some of the songs that were NOT deleted have changed into songs that were not in the original list of filtered songs.

I can reproduce this almost every time I try, but occasionally it seems to work ok.

I does appear that mp3tag is deleting the correct songs and if I change the filter field, it immediately corrects the contents of the list.

This issue is fixed with the current Development Build Mp3tag v2.45b.

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