[F] File list is duplicated after going 'Back' and 'Next'

Hi Florian,

When I select files of an album and I want to update the tags via 'Amazon.com', I get a list of available matches. OK so far :slight_smile:

When I select the first album, and I click 'Next', I get the overview form, with on the left side the query of numbers retreived from Amazon, and on the right side my files.

When I click 'Back' and select the second album in het matches list, press 'Next', the list of my files is dupicated in the overview form. E.g. my album has 15 tracks; every time I click 'Back' en then 'Next' the file list is duplicated to 30, 45 and so on.


Thanks for reporting! I'll fix it to the next release.

Kind regards,

This has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.42.

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