[F] File modified date/time not updating

Originally reported by 'mawi', but marked as No-bug.

Using latest build 2.42, I too am finding the file Modified date/time is not being updated when saving to FLAC files. Haven't tried any other types. This is regardless of the setting of the tick box in Tools -> Options -> Tags. Specifically I was amending the text in Album Artist using the Extended Tags editor.

This causes a problem for SqueezeBox, which I believe relies on the date/time file property for incremental rescans of the music library.

Cracking software otherwise :slight_smile:

Strangly, file modification time is getting updated here.

Are you sure that you've disabled Preserve file modification time when saving tags at Options > Tags?

Sorry for the delay in coming back.

Further testing has revealed a subtle twist: the problem only occurs with files stored on my NAS. File modification timestamps will update ok on my WinXP machine. However, using dBpoweramp to modify the tags on the NAS files updates timestamps ok.

So, could it be something to do with Mp3tag working over a network share? (NAS is a QNAP TS109/II with Unix, if that's any help.)

I can confirm this behavior with a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and mp3 tagging. Modification date and time is updated if file is on local drive; remains untouched if on remote drive. Interestingly, the folder containing the files does show a modification date and time corresponding to the time that the tags on files within the folder were updated.

EDIT: Seems to be working with v2.43.

EDIT: Maybe not. I can't figure out what causes the modification date and time sometimes to be modified. Most times it is not. I also use Picard; that is modifying the date and time correctly.

Just ran into this myself with Readynas NV+

Mp3tag is the only software that won't update the modified date. Works ok on other network locations though.

Please fix, need this to trigger updates in monitored folders in WMP, MM3 etc!

Can you please first check, whether there is an updated Firmware available for your NAS?

Just upgraded to the latest RAIDiator 4.1.6 firmware but the issue remains.

I tried using notepad to edit a text file on the NAS and the timestamp was updated properly. Do you still think its a NAS issue?

I just got a clue from MM forum to check the NAS and it uses the same date for created and modified time! Oops no further checking indicates this is wrong there are 2 different dates...


Can you try to edit an ANSI text document of a fixed size by simply changing one character (so that the size remains).

Yes that works ok too, 4 byte file size remained the same and time was updated... with 3 different text editors!

Though 2 editors (notepad and nptepad2) updated both creation and modified time to the same value, whereas notepad++ only updated the modified time...

OK, thanks.

In Mp3tag, does this happen with a specific file type only (FLAC, MP3, MP4, ...)? If you cannot test this (e.g., you're only using one specific format) please let me know which of the supported ones you're using.

This looks like they have dedicated code for updating those timestamps and are not relying on the underlying filesystem to update the timestamps correctly.

Wow! mp3 (my usual) and flac don't update but m4a does!! I hope that helps...

I'll try to address this with the next version.

This should now be worked-around with Mp3tag v2.44a.

Thanks Florian,

I was beginning to worry when I didn't see the fix in the change list!

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