[F] File not accessible (but should be)


When I try to run a group of actions versus a bunch of files (let's assume that this is a folder), I'm getting a message that the 1st file on the list "cannot be accessed". But for sure it's not locked by any other application. Anyway, all other files are successfully processed, but the first one. What's interesting, it happens only once and if I run same actions again, the error's gone.
I'm not sure if it's beauty of versions "o" & "p" (for example version "a" was working OK) or it happens because I run the program from my pen drive now.

Let me know if there's anything else that can help to crack the issue. :ph34r:
Thx & regards;


Can you please post the *.mta file that causes the problem?

For example this one...

cd_album.mta (328 Bytes)


Thanks for reporting!

This has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.40.

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