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See attached action.

When I execute an action that renames a folder, Mp3tag renames and moves the first song, but then "doesn't notice" that the other files have been moved too, and I get this error for the rest (the first song is moved correctly).

Mp3tag v2.36f

File cannot be opened for writing.

Do you want to continue?

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The path indicated in is always the old (pre-action) path, which indicates that Mp3tag doesn't notice it has moved the files to the new folder.

Rename_Files_and_Folder.mta (152 Bytes)


This bug has been fixed with Mp3tag v2.37.

Thanks for reporting!

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2.37b shows the same problem, only with a different message.

Mp3tag v2.37b

The file
is a read-only file.

Shall Mp3tag disable the write protection of this and
any following read-only files?

Yes No Cancel

Using the same action attached above. :frowning:


Hello? Can someone please acknowledge that this is being looked into?

The bug was not fixed.


Yup, I'll look into this. Thanks for your PM.

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You can use $regexp(%artist% - %album%,^The\s+,) to save one action.


This bug has been fixed with the current Development Build.



Mp3tag v2.37c

The file
is a read-only file.

Shall Mp3tag disable the write protection of this and
any following read-only files?

Yes No Cancel

No Florian, it hasn't. :frowning:


Are the files all in the same directory or does this error only occurs on files in subdirectories of the directory renamed?

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They're all in the same directory. I drag the folder containing the songs (and sometimes some pictures) to Mp3tag and then use the action attached.


Maybe the latest Development Build fixes the problem. If not, please provide the exact directory structure, so that I can reproduce the problem step by step.

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Thanks, Florian.

The problem I initially reported seems to be fixed now. But after applying the options, shouldn't Mp3tag switch to the new folder automatically? Because as of now, pressing the refresh button right after applying any of the actions, shows that Mp3tag is still looking in the old folder.

The problem with this is that after applying the action, the tracks are still listed, so the user might think he can still perform modifications to the tags. Even the "Directory:" field in the Tag Panel changes to the new value, but Mp3tag isn't really looking there. Just press "Refresh" and you'll see.

If you could make Mp3tag look in the new path after renaming/moving a folder, we can say this is fixed!


Another Development Build - another chance to finally get this issue resolved :slight_smile:



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