[F] Filter _ALL with two spaces makes false match

... on a field ending with one space.


1 Load a mp3 file having no tags except TITLE="spacehere: " (not inc. quotes)
2 Tick View | Filter
3 Select Field: _ALL
4 In Filter: enter two space characters
5 See that the track is included in the display - it should not be.

Are you sure that there is no other field in the file that contains more than one space?

I can't be sure, because Mp3tag doesn't document what _ALL includes. But I am sure that if I edit out the TITLE space, the track is not matched.

OK, I've reproduced it here though I'm not sure how to fix it at the moment.

Btw, this should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Confirmed fixed in V2.41b. Thanks.

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