[F] Filter can change order

1 In Explorer, right-click an M3U and clck Mp3tag - playlist appears in correct order (no column shows sort indicator arrow)
2 Press F3 to engage Filter, enter values that exclude some tracks.
3 Press F3 to disengage filter.

Expected: track order preserved
Observed: track order changed to artist! (Artist column shows sort indicator arrow)

I can't reproduce this here. Are you using v2.45a?

Are you using v2.45a?

No - as the report says, 2.44.

OK. Marked as fixed.

Marked as fixed.

Because it was fixed? Or not reproduced?

Since I rewrote all the code around filtering in Mp3tag with v2.45, I guess it has been fixed during the rewrite. If this issue occurs to you with the current version, please feel free to bump this topic again.

Kind regards,

OK, thanks Florian.

Happy Christmas to you and all!

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