[F] Filter deselects unwantedly

  • Any change of filter expression deselects any selection, also partial or full delete the expression (what doesn't hide any of the selected rows). E.g. filter exp=mp3, select all, and would see the whole list again, with "highlighted" mp3s. --> clear filter exp --> whole list ok, but no selection. Does not work, selection cleared, have to select by series of clicks...

  • Hiding the filterbox via Menu or F3 stops filtering (shows the whole list) and clears selection. Hiding with close button of filterbox [x], remains filtering, remains selection...

  • Recall the filterbox (after hiding it with [x]) either via Menu or F3 deslects any selection.

This is currently a limitation of the feature. I wouldn't call it a bug and it might change in the future. For the time being, the filter behaves exactly like you've described.

Really? It resets the filter here and the unfiltered results are shown.

"Really? ..."

Oh, sorry, I was not enough stateful. Just a little correction.

If filterbox
-- docked, then hiding it any way (F3, Menu or [x]) will stop filtering, clear selection;
-- floating, and hiding with [x], remains filtering, remains selection...

To change filterbox state (floating or docked) does not affect the filtering or selection. But any state, any way recall filterbox clear any selection. From users' aspects such behavior seems not so coherent with "Add directory..." (either via menu, button or ctrl+drag&drop), where previous selection remain on refreshed the list.

And, if we are here at adding directory and filtering, btw the filtered list will not refreshed with new items, even they should be shown, if filterbox were hided in floating state...

(And just a little wrinkle. The filterbox, either docked or floating, not so conspicouos item, and that takes easy to forget it is used or not. Would be a little help for user e.g. different color for list, to indicate if in filtered or normal state.)

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