[F] Flac album art display in Winamp 5.5x with mp3tag 2.39n

I'm not sure which program is at fault, but I noticed a problem since I installed mp3tag 2.39n.

If I add cover art to a Flac file with 2.39n and then open the file in Winamp 5.51 or 5.52 the art is not displayed or even shows as existing when I use the Winamp view file info. However, Flac files with artwork from older mp3tag versions (2.39l definitely) appear fine in Winamp.

I had this problem on two different computers. One with Winamp 5.51 and one with 5.52. One computer was a fresh install of mp3tag 2.39n and the other was an install overtop of 2.39m. Both computers are using the latest FLAC builds, etc.

(I only add art to FLAC files in mp3tag and I do that by right-clicking the empty album cover space and clicking "add cover" and select a file, usually 500x500 or smaller)


With me it works fine. I tried it like you explained and I don't have any problem.

Well, my normal procedure is to use Flac Frontend to convert wav files to flac and at the same time automatically add replaygain and tags for the track number, artist and track title. I use mp3tag to fill in the other fields and add the album art.

I tried erasing the tags in the flac file with mp3tag, closed the program, reopened and recreated the tags/album cover. Same problem (art not appearing in Winamp)

I re-encoded the original wav files to flac with no initial tagging or adding replaygain. Added all tags in mp3tag, same problem (art not appearing in Winamp)

Next, I will try uninstalling the mp3tag 2.39n and reinstalling 2.39m to see if that makes any difference.

Any news on this topic? Anyone else can reproduce this issue?

I had another look at the code and it seems that during the last refactoring session, the default picture type of "Cover" got lost (on which the Winamp plug-in seems to rely on).

I'll change that to the next Development Build.

Thanks for the update Florian. I knew I wasn't crazy, but I did not have time recently to test it further.

This should be back to normal with the current Development Build.

Kind regards,

I experience the same kind of problem when saving albumart to .wv WavPack files. They don't show in Winamp 5.531
Tag version is 'APEv2 (ID3v1 APEv2)'.
Files are encoded with WavPack encoder version 4.
Size of jpg is 179 kb
I'm using Mp3tag v2.40d

I'm experiencing the similar problem with .ape files.
Winamp file info tells me the following about the ape file:
Version 3.99
Mode: Extra High
Compression 53.15%
Tag ID3v1.1

Mp3tag file info shows the following:
Tag Version APEv2 (ID3v1 APEv2)
Monkeys Audio 3.99
Mode 2

The files with the above problem don't show their albumart in Mediaplayer or on my CowonD2 (with both i don't experience similar problems with albumart for other extensions)

Could it be a wrong setting in Mp3tag?

These tools/devices probably don't support embedded cover art for APE/WavPack files.

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