[F] /fp:nosuchfolder uses old current directory

1 Execute "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:nosuchfolder

Expected: error, and nothing loaded
Observed: last current directory is loaded

Loading the wrong files due to e.g. a user typing error could be costly!

This is the intended behaviour. It's a feature :slight_smile:

A highly undesirable one, I suggest. It could lead to wrong files being edited/deleted. I think Mp3tag definitely should flag an error and not load the wrong files.

OK, after thinking about that for a while I decided to display a warning message in such cases.

Changed the status of this report accordingly.

This warning message should now be displayed in the current Development Build.

In V2.44 I do get that new warning dialog - thanks - but:

a) it is German in English install: http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5296/pichl.png
b) if Mp3tag is already running, it appears behind the main app window, possibily invisible.
c) if Mp3tag is not already running, when dismissed it defaces the splash screen - leaves a hole.

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