[F] /fp on unfound directory can load all drive's tracks!


C:>start "" "%PROGRAMFILES%\\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:"C:\nosuchdir"

loads all the tracks on Q:! This can be dangerous.

This is a duplicate of this already confirmed bug reported by yourself.

That "causes Mp3tag to hang at "Reading directory":" This one does not - it causes wrong tracks to be loaded.

It's the same case. In the case where you thought Mp3tag was hanging, the process to examine all files on the partition simply took a little bit longer.

I am surprised because in the hang case I detected no disc activity. But OK, thanks.

Should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Well on V2.43b "%PROGRAMFILES%\\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:"C:\nosuchdir" was silent for a minute or so then loaded all the files from C:! So, though the drive is different, I think this is not a fix to the OP issue.

Yes, I can confirm this and changed the status of this bug report accordingly.

Should be fixed with the current Development Build.

Confirmed fixed in V2.44. Thanks.

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