[F] German error on startup

I am using StExBar which is a toolbar for windows explorer. I use this toolbar to open a directory in Mp3Tag. Every time I start the program I receive an error in German. The command line I am using is...

"c:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp: "%curdir"

Which translates to

"c:\Program Files\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp: "H:\MP3s"

The error is

Auf den Ordner kann nicht zugegriffen werden.

Uberprufen Sie den Datentrager.

What does this mean and how can I make it go away?

(I receive this error when running the command line directly from the cmd prompt as well.)

I used to not receive this message with an older version of the program, but the last few releases seem to keep giving me the error.

Use /fp:"%curdir"
(No space after fp:)

You are awesome! Thank you very much. I love this program. It has allowed me to clear up about 10 gigs of space by renaming files correctly and then removing the duplicates. Thank you once again!

The message has now been translated to English in the current Mp3tag v2.44e Development Build.

Kind regards,

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