[F] Help files gone in v2.35?

Just upgraded from 2.34 to 2.35, and the help files seem to have gone. If I try to select Help - Contents from the main menu, my browser opens two windows:

(1) file:///C:/Program


(2) http://whyfiles.org/

It would be nice to get them back! I should say that the help files are present on my disc, I can hunt them down and open them with my browser, its just that the buttons from mp3tag aren't working.

Running on WinXP SP2.


What browser are you using?

the bug shows up in firefox 1.5, which is my default browser.

I can reproduce this on an english Windows installation and will fix this to the next release. I wish someone would have noticed that in one of the Development Builds.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian

I have to admit - I open the help files in Firefox using bookmarks, I rarely open them from within the application itself.

I understand how annoying these type of bugs can be and would like to help. Do you have a set of 'test cases' that you usually run to certify a build? I always grab the latest dev build and would have no problem running through some of the cases and reporting my findings.

No, I don't have a defined set of GUI test cases (unit tests for core classes are running almost all the time :wink:).

I usually test all the stuff which might be affected by the changes I've made. Most changes are included in the changelog, so interested users can test these new features/changes. It would be great, if you can test these new features and report problems with them on the forums (I think you're already doing this :slight_smile:).

Internal minor changes (like in this case) are not mentioned at the changlog.

Best regards,
~ Florian

This bug should be fixed with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian

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