[F] Help URL Broken

Using F1 or any other Help option results in the browser opening with a link to "file:///J:/Program". I have installed the software to the J: drive on WXP-SP2. Firefox 1.5.

I guess it's a problem with the path having a blank ("Program Files").

Fixed since v2.35a. Just get the latest Development Build.

Thanks. You are certainly an active developer. Will check out 2.35e.

Tested with 2.35g.

Browser link now opens to help file, however, it is opening in the last active tab in Firefox 1.5 instead of a new browser window.

That has nothing to do with MP3Tag, but the way you configured Firefox.

Nope. I have Option -> Tabs -> Open Links from Other Applications set to "A new window" in FF(

Ummm. I just retested linking from an App other than MP3Tag and then testing F1 from MP3Tag.

Problem is not re-occuring. Not sure what was happening but put the problem report down to can not be reproduced. Thought that it might be because the active tab was the forum, but, re-tested that and it does not seem to matter.

Grumble. Gremlins.

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