[F] ID3v2.4 multi-values not always fully read when character size is 16

While testing TagLib, I produced another file which isn't fully compatible with Mp3tag. (I made sure this one is reproduceable.)

I tried to save 3 values into Artist (TPE1) and Artist Sort (TSOP).

The results are strange:

  • Mp3tag only reads 2/3 of TPE1 (Artist)
  • Mp3tag reads all 3/3 of TSOP (Artist Sort)
  • in comparison, foobar2000 reads all 3/3 of both TPE1 and TSOP

TagLib writes the characters to both tag frames with a size of 16 bits. When trying the same thing with Mp3tag on the original file, I noticed Mp3tag writes the characters with a size of 8 bits.

I suppose the character encoding is the cause of the incompatibility?

I have just sent a link to the file to the support email.

Thanks for the example file.

It seems that the last string in the TPE1 frame is not terminated by a null character.

Can you verify?

That is probably an intentional decision by the devs then.

I can't verify what the spec is supposed to be.

I had a further look at the file and there was indeed a bug in Mp3tag which is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.58.

Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards

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