[F] "Import Cover From File" Broken in 2.76

Actions->Import Cover From File, using any of the tags in the format "%tag%", results in a message reporting that the file is not accessible (For example: "C:\MyAlbumCovers\%_filename%.jpg"). The same action with the same parameters is fully functional in version 2.75 .

If this problem is not a question of setting proper access rights within the filesystem, ...
then apply such action ...

Action: Import cover from file
Formatstring: 'C:\MyAlbumCovers<!--colorc-->'%_filename%'.jpg'

Make sure that there is any jpg file in the given folder with the same filename as the selected media file, ... otherwise adapt the formatstring to your needs.


I want to add, that Mp3tag on WinXP works for this case too ...
Formatstring: 'C:\MyAlbumCovers<!--colorc-->'%ARTIST%' - '%ALBUM%'.png'


I can confirm this behaviour.
It has nothing to do with access rights or spaces in filenames.

I had a check with an older installtion of MP3Tag (2.75a). It still works there.

The reason seems to be, that with the action "Import cover from file" the content of the tags is not read. The error message after the action contains %_filename% and not the content of the tag %_filename%. Same is if you take "%artist% - %album%.jpg" instead.

The bug is fixed with version 2.77

Thanks for confirming the fix :slight_smile:

Kind regards
– Florian

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