[F] Import from MusicBrainz source interprets "|" (Vertical Line) as NEWLINE



Hi there, thanks for mp3tag!

importing an album from MusicBrainz, it seems a "|" (Vertical Line, U+007C in UTF-8) triggers a new line in the import script.

see linked screenshot: http://imgur.com/wNWZFeZ

I downloaded and tested with 2.54 that showed the same behaviour as the formerly used 2.49.

can I correct that flaw myself?


You can download a fixed source from here:


thanks for your speedy and helpful reply.

that fixed it, indeed.

"replace "|" "$verticalBar()""

one more question: why didn't go this upstream?

thank you again.


I'll include the updated MusicBrainz web source with the next release of Mp3tag.

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