[F] Inefficient free space checking


I really love this program but I always have a problem with saving changes of larger files.

I'm accessing my files through junction points on a very small drive (40MB total / 10MB free) (this overrides the drive letter and path length limitations).
The trouble now is, while mp3tag is checking the free space of the drive of the path it's impossible to save files larger than those 10MB though the actual location has more than enough free space. An old workaround was to access these files directly on their 'residential' drive but sometimes the paths become too long and meanwhile I ran out of letters.

I think a better way might be to check the free space of the directory itself where the file is located (not the start directory as possible sub directories might have different locations!). This would also eliminate complications with disk quotas.


Mp3tag relies on the information that is reported by the operating system.
So: what does your OS say about the target location?
The "old workaround" BTW, is not a workaround but the only legal way to use network locations just like drives.
Network folders behave differently than ordinary folders. E.g. you cannot execute a chkdsk and usually the "trash" does not keep files from network folders.
So, how do you think should MP3tag alter the OS behaviour, or, in other words: where is the MP3tag bug if it is the OS?

Actually the bug is the way this information is retrieved:

I presume you are using the GetDiskFreeSpace API function (or the tool/library you are using) which just accepts the root folder of a (local) drive. But a GetDiskFreeSpaceEx API call (Syntax - MSDN) is focused on the directory of the given path and if the path points to a symbolic link (reparse point) the target will be evaluated.
Of course this will not work on OS's prior to WinXP as they don't support reparse points!

Maybe you should program a pre-processor clause to keep compatibility with prior windows versions:

#if WINVER 0501
#end if

So it's not a problem of the OS.

I hope this can help. If you prefer to regard this as a development proposal, I don't care. But I would be thankful if this issue could be solved.

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