[F] Keywords tag (keyw) deleted in m4a files


I use dBpoweramp for ripping my cds to Apple Lossless. I use the Keywords tag (keyw) a lot. Whenever I open the resulting m4a file with Mp3tag (I'm using version 2.48), the Keywords tag is deleted. Would it be possible to leave this tag alone, or even better, to make it available for editing?

Either way, thanks for developing this great app!

@admin: please delete this thread. Problem already reported: /t/10637/1. I obviously didn't search with the right words.


See here:

I've been reporting this issue for a year now, and nothing... :frowning:
Another example is the "rate" atom which I have lost in many of my files due to this mp3tag bug, and which I've been begging florian for a way to allow re-entry.

It seems like for mp4/m4a, any non-Apple atom (so not "----"), if not "recognized" by mp3tag will automatically get deleted by mp3tag ;(

Florian, can we PLEASE get the 'keyw' and 'rate' tags added to mp3tag? Just as importantly, can you please make it so that for mp4/m4a files 'unrecognized' tags are not deleted on a "save" activity?

This is now fixed with Mp3tag v2.48e.

Kind regards

Hi Florian,

Thanks for this fix. It is really appreciated!

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