[F] %_LENGTH% did not work



in the Tag-Filename window with version 2.38.

I wanted to use it like this:


for converting 1:03:08 to 1h03m08s.


Strange subject, %_length% works fine for me


Thank you for the reply.

It worked fine for me with the version of 2.37a or below, but 2.38..., no.


For some reason, %_length% doesn't work in the Tag-Filename converter; at least not with my FLAC files. It works in the file grid, though.

Anyways, why are you replacing underscores with h, m and s instead of colons?


Colons are automatically replaced with underscores by Mp3tag in the Tag-Filename converter.
So I am re-replacing them.

Thank you.


%_length% is back :slight_smile:


It works fine now with 2.38a.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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