[F] Length misreads for long audiobooks

I have mp3tag 2.69 on Windows 7, 64 bit. I'm using it to check metadata on audiobooks converted from Audible's AAX format to more generic M4B format; all of these files were converted at a constant bit rate of 64kbps. In general, mp3tag can read the file metadata fine in the M4B files, but there seems to be an issue for audiobooks longer than a day in length. For files less than 24 hours long, the Length field is correct (or at least, it matches Windows Explorer). If, however, the file is a little longer than 24 hours, mp3tag will subtract 24 hours from the Length field --- so, for example, a file that Windows says has a length of 25:48:18, mp3tag gives the length as 1:48:18. For longer files still, say 30 hours or more, it simply gives the length as 00:00. Any workarounds?

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The issue should have been fixed now with the current Development Build (v2.69a) available from http://developer.mp3tag.de

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Thanks, but the problem isn't fixed yet. I've attached a screenshot showing version 2.69a running on my computer (Win 7 64 bit). The entries are sorted by decreasing file size, with second column giving the file size and the third column giving the length. As you can (hopefully) see, around three quarters down the list is a file that is 732.96 MB in size and 26:23:59 in length. For all files above it in the list, ranging in size from 792.36 MB to 1.57 GB, the length is given as 00:00.

Check Mp3tag Column Definition for "Length".
Value: %_length%
Sort by: %_length_seconds%
Sort by: Numerical

Does it make any change in the list view?

Or did I misunderstand the problem?

Here is another test result, which shows an error for filetype m4a.

File properties ...
20150324.Properties.Track.1to7.txt (3.16 KB)
Download self extracting 7zip archive with test files ...

DD.20150324.1214.CET, DD.20150324.2035.CET, DD.20150325.0917.CET

20150324.Properties.Track.1to7.txt (3.16 KB)

Those are exactly my settings for Length --- I haven't mucked around with the column definitions at all.

I'm glad to see the problem replicates on another system, although it's curious that it is not a consistent replication.

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