[F] Long time to read OGG Files with Traktor Pro Metadata

Hi Florian,

first of all MP3Tag is the greatest Tagger. Good Job.
Ok, I have an issue for you. Unfortunately it is not possible to attach a testfile for debugging yet.

So I will describe what I know.

Traktor Pro 1.1 writes stripes (grid, sync information, Cue points, etc.) into audio files after analysis.
On OGG there is a field created, TRAKTOR4, contains more than 4 KB of data for a normal track.
When MP3TAG 2.43c tries to read one of those OGGs it takes long time (>5 seconds with 100% CPU usage).
Also editing TAGS with MP3TAG is very time consuming.
You can imagine reading hundrets of OGGs requires long long time.

The issue disappears when I delete the TRAKTOR4 Tag, but the stripe for Traktor PRO is lost, too.

If you want to have a test files, please let me know.

Thanks a lot

Yes, please send me a test file.

This should be addressed since v2.44a Development Build.

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