[F] Losing path and filename


I believe this problem started with v2.23o. I keep losing the filename and path as soon as I click on a file and get a save error because I am saving to a filename with a null string. I uninstalled/reinstalled v2.23q and the problem went away, but so did a lot of my settings, so I resurrected a copy of Mp3tag.reg I saved just before I uninstalled and restored it. The problem is back and Mp3tag is not useable. I'll try to send you the REG file.

P.S. I repeated the uninstall/reinstall of v2.23q and this time edited the registry file I sent to Florian via email to restore only those things that I really needed, mostly lists and the sequence of my actions. The program does not lose the filename or path of selected files and is back to normal.


Sorry, I can't reproduce the problem here.

It would be great, if you can find a way to reproduce the problem with the latest Development Build. Maybe it's caused by a special sequence of functions executed!?

Best regards,
~ Florian


I don't think so, because when the problem was there, the first thing I did going in was to click on a file. Immediately the filename and path fields went blank. Trying to save the tag showed that those fields were blank in every way. I suspect this entry in the registry:


Which had different delimiters before:


Could I have gotten messed up by restoring the latter into a version that expects the first entry? The problem however, started before I ever tried to restore the registry. Could it possibly be a problem related to skipping a release that handled the delimiter change?


I've never changed anything regarding the delimiter handling of this TagField registry key - it's \v since the beginning.

But I've changed the whole filepath and folderpath handling to version 2.23i, so I guess that it has nothing to do with the registry settings.

Can you reproduce it with 2.23q?

Best regards,
~ Florian


Yes, I can reproduce it by executing the Mp3tag.reg file I sent you. I have known some versions of REGEDIT to improperly write REG files. Is the file written to the registry or extracted from it?