[F] Manual typing in of directory name bug

If you have three folders

If you had already previously opened these folders, when you now go to the Directory line and manually type: C:\z
or C:\zz
and immediately press Enter, the program wrongly assumes that you want to go to one of the similarly named but different folders.

Unrelated to this problem: I notice Mp3tag.dmp files being created on my desktop by the latest version 2.86 final.

This is a side-effect of Mp3tag's auto-completion. It's noted.

Please send them, they help me in improving Mp3tag.

Kind regards
— Florian

Here is the .dmp file:

Mp3tag.dmp (86 KB)

Mp3tag.dmp (86 KB)

Thank you!

If you encounter this issue again, it would be great if you could give some context information — which features you've just used, whether you've been in editing mode in the file view, ...

Kind regards
— Florian

Yes, so you want us to start a new thread and attach .dmp files or is there a central thread for it?

I do believe I was very quickly editing the name of the actual file itself and the title tag of the file. It may have been on a USB flash drive and that may have been the reason for the program to appear to freeze when I was doing those actions very quickly?

Will definitely post all the details, if it ever happens again. Thank you for making this great program.

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