[F] mp3tag 2.80 moves files when they get renamed in a path containing a folder name ending with unicode whitespaces (e.g. U+2000)

I'm using unicode whitespaces like "U+2006 (8198)" as last sign for folders of bands like "R.E.M." to have the "." as the last visible sign.

If I use mp3tag's converter to rename files in a folder like "R.E.M. " (which has an invisible unicode sign after R.E.M.!) or in one of its subfolders, then mp3tag will move the renamed files to a newly created folder "R.E.M" or a subfolder of this folder.

For Example:

Files from

C:\R.E.M. \Monster

are moved to a new folder called


when mp3tag renames them.

This bug can be reproduced with other whitespaces like U+2006 from this list:


See also:


If these whitespaces are used in the "middle" of a folder name like "R.E.M. 1", instead, mp3tag doesn't have/create any problems.



I also for the longest time was using some variations of space, than I was only able to paste at the and of folder with the usage of ACDSee 3.1 graphics files viewer / handler. But a couple of years back I have finally started to cope with this issue by the means of adding an


sign at the end of the name of the band like than; but only in the folder [and not in the tag fields]

So an R.E.M.
would become R.E.M. 'with an ordinary space to indicate that it is not a part of the "original" name

And I do now like this because other pieces of software also can have similar issues. Mp3tag maybe safe now in regards to such a dot, but why not error proof folders for all of them; all of the future software that you might use in time to come, be it for tagging, burning or moving of such folders?

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