[F] MP3tag appears to lock up on operations untill mouse is moved

This is a funny one. On certain (not all) operations, within batch operations, (such as selecting all and searching/replacing on certain fields), the progress bar goes to some point and just stops.

It sits there and does NOTHING until you move the mouse. Then in continues, and stops later on. And stays like that till you move the mouse.

Out of habit, I move my mouse in circles so it doesn't lock up. for LONG batch operaions, this is not viable, because I have to baby sit the thing.

As I said, this is indeed a strange one. Has happened on the past few versions (all that I've used anyway).

Any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

I've never seen this or had any report on this issue before.

I'm also open to suggestions :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed with Mp3tag v2.40

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