[F] Mp3tag destroys multiple Artists, Composers, etc. in WMA

If I use Mp3tag to view a WMA file that has multiple Artists, Composers, Conductors, Genres, etc. set in the metadata... it seems to read it, unlike most badly written utilities. Good. For example, for multiple Artists... Mp3tag shows the multiple entries as:

ARTIST={name 1}
ARTIST={name 2}
ARTIST={name 3}

However, when I save the tag... it loses all the multiple entries. Bad. Also, the remaining entry is not even the first entry that was in the original metadata... as I'd expect. (So, it seems the order isn't being preserved either.)

This is causing some chaos with my tagging. I lose metadata if I use Mp3tag to edit. Tested on the non-beta... and v2.36f.

Any update on this? It's causing me a bit of rework, since I depend on multiple entries for Artist, Composer and Genre in WMA containers.

This is a limitation of Mp3tag's WMA support. Resolving this would require a rewrite of the WMA tagging part which is already a great mess due to the freaking API of the WMA runtime.

That's why I'll label this report as low priority.

Best regards,

Thank you for the update, Florian. Until you can get to it, can you at least add it to the next release notes or "known issues"... just so some other clueless end user doesn't accidentally lose valuable content metadata.


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