[F] mp4 tag problem with Android


I'm using mp3tag (always latest dev version, 2.46 currently) in my digital import process (EAC->M4A (AAC) using iTunesEncode) to tag all my aac/mp4 library, but it seems there is some problem with the mp4 tags written by mp3tag with Android (the mobile OS):

  • taking a cleanly converted WAV->M4A by itunes and tagging it with mp3tag, the tags are not read at all by android.

  • opening this file in itunes shows correct information, letting itunes rewrite the tag by changing a flied (for example the compositor field) makes the file works perfectly on android.

  • If I rewrite the tag again in mp3tag, the tags become unreadable to android again.

It seems there's definitely something with the way mp3tag handle the mp4 tags, unfortunately, I can't provide much more informations on this :-/

Thank you for your wonderful program, BTW.

You could upload two versions of the same track ("after Mp3tag" and "after iTunes") say to drop.io and post the link here.
Then there should be enough details for the problem analysis.

Here you are:

link removed

The first file is the one just passed through mp3tag after the extraction.
The second file was then went through itunes and has some tags modified then reverted to force rewrite of the mp4 tags.

Hope it will help!

Can you try that:
Open "View > Extended Tags" on the mp3tag file and delete
Totaldiscs and Discnumber tags in one go.

Removing those tags makes Android read the tags correctly. But then, why the iTunes file that also have these tags is correctly read on Android?

Mp3tag currently writes that field in a slightly different way.
It will probably get fixed.

noda, can you please try this unofficial version: http://download.mp3tag.de/support/F053FDBC...agv246setup.exe

Thanks dano for spotting the detail!

With this version, it's perfect on Android without using iTunes, thanks for being so fast fixing this issue!

I hope your modifications will be added to next official version :slight_smile:

Yes, it's now added to Mp3tag v2.46a.

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