[F] MS Windows Visual C++ Runtime Error

Hi there, I recently came accross this bug using the release 2.25. But it can be reproduced on 2.25m.

When the tool is reading the tags of a directory 1.9k mp3 files, it suddenly quit with an error message "MS Visual C++ Runtime Error abnormal program termination". I would have been glad to provide an error log file but there wasn't any in the directory of the tool. Since this issue did not occur on other directories having a similar number of MP3 files, I assume that one or more of the mp3 files in this troublesome directory have an issue with a character or tag whic is causing the runtime module to stall. Any suggestions ?

Great tool by the way!


The log file is placed inside

in case of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I am not sure where MP3Tag writes the log file in case of Windows 95 based platforms.
Send the Mp3tagLog.zip and Mp3tagError.log file to Florian.



It would be great, if you can identify the bad file and send it to my support email address.

~ Florian

Thanks Sebastian for the hint. Finally found the log file but the zip file is called mp3tagsetup.zip there is no xxtagLog.zip on my harddrive so I guss this is just a typing error. Thanks anyway

Hello Florian, in case you know a very good compression tool for mp3, I am glad to send it because each of them have at least a size of 20meg :flushed: I sent you however the error and setup log files. Maybe you see there something suspicious :huh:

Sorry, my bad... The file should be ZIPped, yes. :slight_smile:

MP3 compression is nearly impossible as the files are already compressed by Huffman after quantization takes place. Sending only a portion of the file might not be wise, as you don't know where the error occurs.
Maybe a FTP server would be the best solution.


I've asked for the first MB of the file via email, but didn't get a response yet.

~ Florian

Hi Florian, just sent you today 1MB of a file causing problems.

The one megabyte snippet wasn't of big help cause your files had bigger problems. You've stored a 17.24 MB BMP cover image in the ID3v2 tag of your ultra-compressed 128 kbps MP3 file <_<

If you really need to store a cover in the ID3v2 tag, use a smaller one and save it as PNG or JPG.

Anyway, I'll fix the runtime error to the next release.

~ Florian

Hello Florian, thank you for the clarification. I did not create this mp3 myself, I don't even know how I could possible add any picture information to an mp3 :huh: . Is it possible to remove this part of the tag with your tool ?

This is not possible with Mp3tag at the moment, cause it gives this runtime error at your files :rolleyes:

But you can use Case's Tag with this command line tag --removeid3v2
~ Florian