[F] multiple file edit

I'm not sure if this would be considered a bug or not.

If you highlight a group of tracks and update using an action or the tag panel, you can still save the original values back over what was just updated.


  1. highlight all tracks in an album
  2. execute an action (or use View, Tags) to remove the album name
  3. with the tracks still highlighted (default), make a change using the tag panel to any field and save (or just save with no change)
  4. the album name has been saved back to the tracks

This is definitely a bug and has already been fixed in an internal version. Can you please test this unofficial build?

If everything is okay with this version, I'll release a new Development Build soon, because this issue also affects all undo operations.

Thank you for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian

No problem, I'll take a look now.

I also noticed that %_tag% now shows the specific version (ID3v2.3), thanks!

Appears to be working, thanks for the quick response.

Your reference to 'Undo operations' reminded of another issue I just confirmed.

  1. Execute an action (or group of) that takes more than a second.
  2. When the 'Writing tag-data' dialog appears, click Cancel
  3. The dialog will disappear, however the action continues and the dialog will reappear with the action executing against all selected tracks regardless of how many times you click Cancel

Both bugs were introduced after v2.35 because of major refactoring of existing code and are hopefully fixed with the latest Development Build.

Thanks for reporting!

Best regards,
~ Florian

Both issues are confirmed in the latest build.

One note: After cancelling an Action that did execute against a few tracks that were selected Edit , Undo is greyed out and cannot be selected. It is available after an uninterrupted Action. Is this expected?

Thanks for confirming the fixes.

Are you sure that the file view is focused and not one of the fields in the tag panel? Edit > Undo has different behaviour dependent on which element from the GUI is focused.

My bad, I realized what was happening.

I was cancelling the action before it actually was able to do anything; therefore there was nothing to cancel. I could have sworn that the status bar reported that a few tracks were updated.

Sorry for jumping the gun on that one, no bug.

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