[F] Musepack SV8

I've just converted all my old SV7 files to SV8, Mp3Tag won't show any audio information on them. I hope it's just that and the APEv2 writing isn't affected, well it shouldn't be.

Dear Florian,

Now, when the Musepack SV8 has been finalized, may we, Musepack lovers, expect that this format will be supported by you excellent tool too?
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I've also switched my entire Musepack library to StreamVersion 8. Works like a charm, and Mp3tag can tag it without problem. Only change is that Mp3tag doesn't recognize length, bitrate, frequency and codec.

Not a big deal, however this should be easy to fix :wink:
All specs are available here. Also, Musepack developers would certainly be happy to help if needed!

This might be an useful addition before v2.43 release!


It didn't make it into v2.43 but I'll prioritize this for the next version :slight_smile:

I'm really happy to hear that!
Thanks in advance.

The current Development Build now supports Musepack SV8.

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many thanks :w00t:


now I only need a v8 winamp plugin ... anyone found something about that?

Have you tried this one? It works fine for me.
However, for music library management and playback (since you use Musepack SV8) I would recommend you MusicBee.
You may try also the latest builds here (scroll down for last toppic).


Dear Florian,

Do you plan to update anytag plugins with SV8 support? I desperately need them!

Thanks in advance.

great, thx.

mp3tag doesn't show the replaygain-infos in musepackfiles sv7/sv8 (anymore ... or has it ever done this? ... can't remember ... hm).

replaygain in musepack is not stored in the tag.
But there is support for it as technical placeholder if you put an underscore at the beginning:
You can use this in the columns view or export...

I've not abandoned them and will update them when I find some time. It's on my list.

I added two columns, "RG Track" (%_replaygain_track_gain%) and "RG Album" (%_replaygain_album_gain%), but I get different values than Foobar and MusicBee,

mp3tag: 71.23 70.99
foobar : -6.9db -6.2db

So, how could I get the values shown by other tools?

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