f/n to tag entries

when we opt for filename to tag,we make some entries and those entires are stored there.

by entires i mean <%title%-%artist%-%album%>
when we press the down arrow we get all the entries so far made. we can select the one among them which suit for the occassion.
for example if i want %dummy%-%title%-%artist% i can select it from the drop down list instead of making new entiry.
(of course we can make fresh entires every time) after a few months, the entires will be like a huge list making it difficult to selct the apropriate one. my question is , is there a way to delete the entries so that i can keep a few of them to enable me to select with speed. thanks . have a nice day

Yes, you can delete entries after selecting them using the [Shift+Del] keyboard shortcut.

thanks a lot for the suggestion florian. have a nice day.

not working.permanent deletion is not taking place.I could remove the entries as per the suggestions made. but to my surprise all the entries are there itself when i open mp3tag the next time.