[F] New Mp3 Update v69

I just updated from v68 - which I personally had no problems with - to v69 and i no longer get any images.

Was v69 to add images to mp3 tag edit. i'm aware of Discogs changes, and I have previously just went to the site and downloaded / copied the images.

Should v69 add the images to the tagging function, if so what could be mmissing. if this is the wrong forum let me know.


Fascinatingly, there has been a post in the German forum that claims that if is not possible to get any images. in that case the remedy was to delete (rename) the file mp3tag.cfg - as this was corrupt for some reason.
Perhaps you can rename that file and see if you have any luck then. If not, re-rename it back to mp3tag.cfg.

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