[F] No data from Discogs

For the past few days, I've been able to look up a release on discogs, but all the fields are blank in mp3tag's data confirmation dialog (the one with album info and artwork). If I click 'preview', and go to the discogs webpage, I can see that discogs has all the info and pictures - it just isn't making it into mp3tag. The album field actually says .

This occurs with 2.44 and 2.44d.

It's because discogs changed their site layout. While some artists info was still downloadable via tag lookup yesterday, it doesn't work at all anymore today. Seems as if the scripts need to be adapted.

Just saw that new scripts are already available:
source scripts

Nice to hear there are updated scripts, but which one is the default used one? I see a lot different versions of scripts using discogs as reference.

It's the discogs.com Web Source available from the Web Sources Archive. It's also included in the current Development Build.

Thank you Florian, I've updated my current version and it works!

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