[F] Occasional freeze when enumerating MP3 files

Sometimes--say, 1 out of every 10 times--when I change MP3 directories, MP3Tag hangs. I can cancel the initial dialog that finds the MP3s, but the rest of the program is non-responsive. I have to kill it from task manager. This has been the case for at least a couple/few years, when I started using your app.

Any hints? Can I send you a log or something?

Can you reproduce this on a specific directory? Perhaps it happens due to a damaged file in one directory?

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~ Florian

Nope. My layout looks like this:


MP3s are contained in Artist\Album below each of the MP3s folders.

I've had it freeze up enumerating both MP3s directories. Generally, the incoming one only has a few albums in it (it's where I modify all the tags before copying them into the collection). The main one has about 300 albums in it right now. I've -usually- seen it -adding- MP3s as an additional directory.* I have seen it switching main directories to MP3s as well, though.

So, more info. It always does it very first thing, before it touches any files (that I see in the interface). It's a hard hang, and once I restart the app, it generally reads the directory fine. I'm pretty sure it's not hanging up on any specific file because it does it at the beginning and has done it in different directories with different files.

Like I said, if there's debug logging somewhere, I'm happy to turn it on and send you a log next time it happens.


  • I create playlists by making D:\Music\Incoming\Playlists my main dir, adding D:\Music\Incoming\MP3s, then hitting Ctrl-Shift-P to playlist everything by album. Then I copy the MP3s and Playlists into D:\Music\MP3s and D:\Music\Playlists respectively so the relative paths are still valid.

It's really strange because no other users has reported problems like this. There were some problems regarding deadlocks between threads in earlier versions, but these issues are solved.

You can press [Ctrl+Shift+F5] to enable the debug log and send me the file Mp3tagLog.zip or Mp3tagLog.txt from %APPDATA%\Mp3tag after the next freeze.

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~ Florian

Will do.

The debugging function is kinda buggy at the moment and causes some problems.

I'll have a look at it and fix it (or remove it) for the next release.

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~ Florian

The debugging function has been fixed with the current Development Build.

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~ Florian

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