[F] OGG Tag information missing after rewriting it

Version used: Mp3tag v2.23k

When rewriting an ogg tag with special tag information, some information is lost during the saving.

As you know, OGG tags lets you specify any name for a tag and assign a value for it. For example, i have files with a "DAE" tag containing the value "EAC v0.95 prebeta 5" and a "Encoder" tag containing the value "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality=6". When saving tags with Mp3tag (for example, to batch-change the genre), the information including and after the "=" character is lost.

So, in my example, the tag "Encoder" has an original value of "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality=6" and after saving it with Mp3tag, the value becomes "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality".

It seems like a bug, but i'm no expert...



I've just tried to reproduce this error, but saving these "DAE" and "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality" works fine here.

Can you reproduce the error? Are the values shown in the extended Tag dialog (View, Tags...)? Which program doesn't show the value anymore?

Best regards,
~ Florian

Ok i just checked.

I tought the information was lost during saving but in fact, mp3tag doesn't seem to display all the information period.

When i go to View-Tags, my "Encoder" tag has part of its value missing. As stated in my first message, the value displayed in mp3tag is missing the "=" caracter and beyond.

Both winamp and ogginfo display the full value of the tag, which is "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality=6". But mp3 tag just displays "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality". This is prior to doing any operation on the tags with mp3tag, just looking at the info.

Once i save the tag with mp3tag, now ogginfo, winamp and mp3tag just shows "OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality".

I can reproduce the error with both old encoded files and newly created ones.

To reproduce:

Create an ogg file with oggenc with the option:
-c Encoder="OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality=6"

Check with ogginfo and/or Winamp, the tag should be:
Encoder=OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality=6

Check with mp3tag, the tag now should be:
Encoder=OggEnc v1.0.1 VBR Quality

Now I got it :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting!

The bug is fixed with the latest Development Build.

Best regards,
~ Florian