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First, thank you for your excellent application, it is one of the most useful programs that I have.

When the application has been installed on the computer for some time without updating, your warning screen appears: "This version of Mp3tag was released quite some time ago.... etc.... This message will not be shown again." It is an understandable message, however it IS shown again, every time Mp3tag is loaded, and is quite frustrating, similar to the way a shareware nag-screen on every startup is annoying.

I updated to v.2.38 from v.2.37a due to this problem when it began appearing and I couldn't stand it any longer, however after installing version 2.38 (and then setting my system date forward a couple of years to test), it appears that it still does this in the latest version, and I can find no option either in settings, ini-file, or registry to control this behavior.

I would recommend either a checkbox addition on the dialog-message itself that lets you specify 'do not show this message again', or else a setting under Tools -> Options that lets you direct the application not to check for outdated/obsolete version (you could still have it checking by default however as it does now), or a third option would be to at least have it check only periodically, say every 20 starts or so (sometimes I load the application 30-40 times a day). This way, a preferred / installed version could be used far into the future, if desired, without being bothered every time the application loads.

Thanks for listening!


Hello All

Yes can confirm this.

1/ This is one of the most useful programmes I have AND

2/ The 'orrible reminder is driving me batty.


Fred F.

PS Can't upgrade to latest version because of problem with refresh screen posted earlier.


This is intended behavior and not a bug. Moving to General...

Edit: Sorry, I missed the "This message will not be shown again" part. Moving back to Bugs, however, the bug was fixed already AFAIK.


Hello All

Not sure what you mean.

Which bug?

When fixed?

Do you mean the Refresh Bug?

Is there a new update to V2.38?


Fred F.


not fixed in v2.38 as per tests, see my original post... (to reproduce: install v2.38, then set system date forward far enough for nag-screen to occur. nag-screen appears every time application is opened. very annoying.)


This will be fixed with the next version. Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,


This has been addressed with the latest Development Build.

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Thanks! I'll check it out...

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